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Diary - 11


Expedition Diary at a glance 11

Basic equipment carried by the team includes:

  • British Military pack saddle and harness (girth strap, crupper, breeching and breasting)
  • Roman military pack saddle and harness (girth strap, crupper, breeching and breasting)
  • Two saddle pads
  • Two wooden/canvas saddle bags (British saddle)
  • Leather saddle bags (Roman)
  • Two head collars and lead ropes
  • Two surcingles
  • Two tethering chains, ropes, collars and lock attachments + one tethering hammer
  • Two attachment harnesses (each incorporating two adjustable length straps and two quick release mechanisms) + two reserve harnesses.
  • Collapsible spade
  • Pocket balance
  • Three pony brushes
  • Leather lead rein
  • Reserve leather head collar
  • Two man-made fibre long lead reins
  • Two breast girth sleeves
  • Two leather pony feed bags/straps
  • Hoof pick
  • Two pony rain rugs
  • Equine first aid kit
  • Human first aid kit
  • Six tent bags
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping sheet
  • Lightweight air bed
  • Rucksac (25L)
  • Clothes:two fleeces, 2 gillets, 3 pairs trousers, windproof trousers, waterproof jacket/over-trousers, four base layer t-shirts, five undergarments, sleeping trousers, seven pairs socks, belt, fleece hat/gloves, gaiters
  • Police road safety waistcoat, pony road safety beast strap, helmet safety strap, two pony ankle safety straps.
  • Two bungee straps
  • Tent,clothing and footwear water-proofer
  • Two knife/fork/spoon (aluminium/ steel), tin opener, flint/steel fire lighter, safety matches
  • Seven waterproof bags (various sizes)
  • Gaiters
  • Cycle lights (two front, two rear), cycle horn
  • Two UK Mail letters, book (Manual of Horsemanship)

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