Shadow Of The Wall

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Route Planning & Reconnaissance


ROUTE PLANNING: Between April 2008 and October 2010, David visited Hadrian’s Wall on about 30 occasions to meet all the farmers, tenant farmers and other land owners. With their considerable help and support a route was agreed which, as far as possible, followed the original horse route, the Military Way, used by the Romans.

Occasionally, because the route had been fenced across, an
alternative route, as close as possible to the Military Way, and within sight of the Wall’s original line, was suggested.

FINAL ROUTE: The final route generally, but not exclusively, lies to the south of the line of the Wall. This route should not be confused with the National Trail, which occasionally follows the Military Way. For example, David’s route travels from Segedunum Museum, through Newcastle streets to Newcastle’s Cathedral.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This expedition would have been impossible without the assistance and goodwill of virtually all land owners and tenant farmers along the Wall.

ROUTE PUBLICATION ON THIS WEBSITE: The route cannot be repeated, either with horses or by walkers. This is a condition which David has agreed in order to be granted access to private land throughout the expedition. Accordingly, the route has not been published on this web site, although references to the route and camping locations are made (see ROUTE).

RECONNAISSANCE: Throughout November and December 2010, David carried out a reconnaissance of the agreed route, walking it in five stages during some of the most severe weather the area has seen for two decades.

ROUTE CHANGES: Following the reconnaissance, some slight route changes were made in negotiation with land owners. Altogether three years were spent checking access. David has needed to track down every land owner by word of mouth.

GATES: A major problem that had to be overcome was finding gates that could be opened for pack pony access. There are in excess of 250 gates along the route, mostly wide farm gates, but in several instances packs must be removed to accommodate narrow gates and openings.

PHOTOGRAPHIC DIARIES: Three photographic diaries are presented. These are only a few examples of aspects photographed along the Military Way during the reconnaissance: (A) visible parts of Hadrian’s Wall; (B) other landscapes. alternative route, as close as possible to the Military Way, and within sight of the Wall’s original line, was suggested.

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