Shadow Of The Wall

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Roman Military Way


The Roman Military Way

  • Roman road along the eventually northerly frontier of the Roman Empire.

  • Follows the top of the north mound of the Vallum in many places.

  • Often follows a line between Wall and Vallum West of the River Irthing.

  • Built in the second century AD.

  • About 20 feet (approximately 6 m) wide in most places.

  • Cambered up to 1.5 feet (about 45 centimetres) high.

  • Made of large stones covered with gravel.

  • Likely built for men and horses, not for wheeled vehicles.


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Supply Points


In order to carry out an expedition that is unsupported, the pack ponies must carry everything! A trader travelling along Hadrianís Wall during and after its construction could have picked up supplies along the way.

Davidís supplies have been delivered in advance to some of his camping locations by UK Mail, packed in 21 small boxes. UK Mail has also delivered his electric fence to a holding location, in case of an emergency, and wicker baskets to the place of an attempted re-enactment.

Of course, UK Mail delivers post a little faster than the Fell pony would have done prior to 1960! But without the ponies, much of the post would never have got through. And we could certainly do with ponies in some villages this coming winter!


The correct amount and type of pony feed for this expedition was selected in collaboration with Spillersí nutritionist, Sarah Nelson.

Final diet was based upon several factors:

  • Sizes of the breed
  • Grazing characteristics and history of feeding/grazing extensively on natural vegetation
  • Ponies' pre-expedition condition
  • Weight to be carried
  • Work to be done each day
  • Available grazing and type of grazing during expedition
  • Time of year.

Spillers have not only advised on nutrition, but have also provided the ponies feed and ensured that it is delivered to the designated supply points.

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