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Roman Saddle Bags Construction


Re-construction of Roman Saddle bags and baskets, August 2011


The pack and baskets were reconstructed based upon a series of depictions on Trajanís column in Rome, Italy and on several other Roman columns, and also upon friezes from Pompeii, originals of which lodge with the Museum of Naples, Italy. The construction also took into account the proposed saddle reconstruction.

David is grateful for assistance from the documented work of several archaeologists and antiquarian scholars, owners of pertinent historical websites, four English master saddlers, a metallurgist and farrier, a master carpenter and a teaching assistant.

Precise details of the evidence, hypotheses, procedures limitations and discussion surrounding the reconstruction method adopted will be reported at a later date. This web site attempts to provide a brief, pictorial, overview of some key aspects of the pack bags and baskets construction only.

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