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Research on Fell Pony

Genetic Research

Genetic Research involving the Fell Pony


Research is currently being undertaken at the University of Minnesota, USA (Equine Genetics and Genomics).

Minnesota University is leading the project, but many other universities and research institutions are involved world-wide.

The researchers “are working to describe the relationships among modern horse breeds and also characterise the genetic diversity within these breeds (for example – inbreeding)” (Reference 1).

Over 35 different breeds are being tested from Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

The Fell pony is one of the breeds that is being described.

The researchers were also planning (February 2011) to include the Fresian horse in this research.
Fell and Fresian samples were collected within the UK.

Results will, no doubt, help to clarify the controversy which has existed for some time concerning the relationship between the Fell pony and Fresian horse.


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