Shadow Of The Wall

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Diary - 8


Expedition Diary at a glance 8

11 November: Day 31

Travel with Alan eastwards from Carlisle along Hadrianís Wall, filming landscapes that constitute part of already completed route. Revisit High Teppermoor, Stanley Plantation, Chollerford River and Military Way near Greencarts Farm and Errington Arms.

Breeder Bill moves Thorn and Roamer to extensive grazing location. Launch two short promotional videos for web site/internet.

12 November: Day 32

Decide to discontinue expedition with effect 13 November if significant media coverage not forthcoming tomorrow.

Visit supply points eastwards from Walby Farm Park to discuss decision with supporters and to collect stored equipment. Retrieve boot recently posted to Walby and hidden by dog at Black Row Riding Centre almost month ago. The two boots are reunited at last! Collect Roman barding (heat blanket for pony reconstructed from archaeological evidence) and emergency supplies stored at Quarry Side, and original maps and reserve harness at Vallum Farm.

Visit Cawfields Farm to offer payment towards repair of field gate broken by Thorn and Roamer! Retrieve damaged rucksack from Longtown Farm. Collect unused supplies from Bradley and Greencarts Farms. Visit Chapel House Farm to discuss promotional video, staying overnight with Jamie and his brother.

13 November: Day 33

Return to Shap, Cumbria. Say goodbye, perhaps temporarily, to Thorn and Roamer. They graze contentedly. Contact press. Prepare final press release for website and for sponsors. Officially discontinue expedition. Estimated 120 miles, almost 200 kilometres, of the journey completed.

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