Shadow Of The Wall

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Grazing / Camping Dates-Locations (2011)

As far as possible David will adhere to the following schedule:


12 October: START of expedition at Tynemouth (by Castle)
12 October: The Rising Sun Country Park, Newcastle
13 October: Ouseburn Farm, Newcastle
14 October: Black Row Farm Riding Centre, Heddon-on- the-Wall
15 October: Vallum Farm
16 October: Errington Arms PH, Corbridge
17 October: Codlaw Hill Farm
18 October: Chollerford River bank
19 October: Greencarts Farm
20 October: Sewing Shields Farm
21 October: Bradley Farm
22 October: Winshields Farm or Cawfields Farm
23 October: Thirlwall Castle
24 October: Chapel House Farm
25 October: High House Farm
26 October: Gunshole or Quarry Side Campsite
27 October: Miller Hill Farm. Lanercost
28 October: Newtown Farm
29 October: Hurleton Farm or Bleatarn Farm
30 October: Walby Farm Park
31st October: Linstock Castle
1 November: Knockupworth Farm
2 November: Kirkandrews Hall
3 Novermber: Drumburgh Castle / The Grange
4 November: RSPB Reserve, North Plains or Brackenrigg

West To East (Return)

5 November: RSPB Reserve, North Plains
6 November: Brackenrigg, Kirkland House or Wallsend House
7 November: Drumburgh Castle
8 November: Kirkandrews Hall
9 November: Knockupworth Farm
10 November: Linstock Castle
11 November: Walby Farm Park
12 November: Hurleton Farm or Bleatarn Farm
13 November: Newtown Farm
14 November: Miller Hill Farm or Quarry Side Campsite
15 November: Chapel House Farm
16 November: Thirlwall Castle or Cawfields Farm
17 November: Winshields Farm or Bradley Farm or Sewing Shields Farm
18 November: Greencarts Farm
19 November: Chollerford River bank or Codlaw Hill Farm
20 November: Errington Arms PH, Corbridge
21 November: Vallum Farm
22 November: Black Row Farm Riding Centre, Heddon on the Wall
23 November: Ouseburn Farm, Newcastle
24 November: END of expedition at Tynemouth (by Castle)

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